Art of Paper with Tom Balbo, Carol Barton, Amanda Degener, Denise Carbone and Roberto Mannino

September 22 - October 6, 2024
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Paper is an amazing material with the potential to be structurally strong or flexible and soft, opaque or translucent, a base for drawings and paintings, a sculptural form or bound into books for writing and illustrations.

In this workshop we will explore the potential of paper as a basic material and as a medium for artistic pursuits. This two-week event will be led by internationally known instructors Amanda Degener, founder of Cave Paper; Carol Barton of Popular Kinetics; Denise Carbone from the University of the Arts and Tom Balbo of Tom Balbo Galleries.  The Workshop will also feature a two-day pulp-painting component, led by Visiting Artist, Roberto Mannino.

Students will be signing up for all below components, with 12 hours of instruction in each area: hand papermaking, pulp paper painting and marbling, sewn bookbindings, and designing pop-ups. The workshop will also include field trips to the Fabriano Paper Mill and to the city of Florence, along with several other excursion stops. In addition, Amanda will be offering optional morning Tai Chi sessions. This is an ideal session for teachers, graphic designers, creative artists, and anyone who likes to play with paper. No prior experience is necessary; all skill levels are welcome.


Sept 23/24 with Tom Balbo
From Turkey to America: Traditional and Experimental Marbling Techniques

Participant's, will learn to mix paints and prepare paper, and to familiarize themselves with traditional patterns. These patterns derive from the Turkish “gel-get“ pattern. Day two students will have the option to continue pattern work, experiment with freeform, stencil, and floral patterns. The use of mores will be an added as additional pattern work and incorporated in to a variety of experimental practices. The use of handmade paper and older papers that will not need alum sizing will also be made available. Participants should plan to purchase or bring tube to handle 18”x 24” papers and smaller sizes as well. Also any papers one wants to experiment with are welcomed.
Sept 25/26 With Carol Barton
Pop-Up Paper Structures

A special kind of creative magic awaits you in this workshop. You will learn basic on-the-fold pop-up structures, then progress through a series of more complicated three-dimensional glued constructions. Props, platforms, spirals, V-folds and straddle pop-ups will be covered. Emphasis will on developing an understanding of the simple mechanics involved in this art of “paper engineering.”  A public slide show on the history of pop-up and movable books will be presented for students and town residents. This is an ideal class for artists, teachers, graphic designers, and anyone who loves to play with paper.  No prerequisite.

Sept 28/29 with Roberto Mannino
Painting with Linen Pulp

This two- day workshop will explore the fascinating possibilities of painting with paper pulp with a master of the medium, renowned Rome-based artist, Roberto Mannino.
We will explore the various aspects and possibilities of creating images using intensively pigmented pulp as a painting method. By combining pulp, water and flocculent in different ratio, participants will be able to combine sharp edges and blurred transparent layers.

Staring with standard papermaking sheet-forming with moulds and further testing with the use of deckle boxes, this workshop will introduce various techniques of multilayering finely beaten and colored pulp to a wet sheet using multiple kind of stencils, grids, squeeze bottles and eyedroppers. Working with handmade paper in its wet state will allow for further image manipulation by transferring inkjet prints and water solvable drawings on the moist sheet before drying.

Sept 30-Oct 1 with Amanda Degener
Paper and Light

During this two day workshop participants will make their own small handmade paper sculptures/lamps that incorporate light. We will have paper available so you can make your own paper choices and students will also sheet form Japanese style paper which is incorrectly called rice paper. We will go through the process of cooking, beating, and coloring what was once a kozo plant. Some of the techniques include tamping wet paper onto a mold or balloon which is like a sophisticated papier mâché. We will also make a simplified version of the Japanese collapsible spherical chochin lantern. Translucency will be considered and both natural and electric light can be incorporated into your work.

Oct 2/3 with Denise Carbone
Tailored to fit: A Desirable Pamphlet for Everyday Use

In the fascinating realm of book arts, the traditional technique of bookbinding extends to encompass a variety of forms, including the creation of detailed bookbinding pamphlets, which serve as both notebooks and showcases the craft. Among the myriad styles, the single section German case binding stands out for its durability and elegance. Truly the perfect companion.

The 2-section soft cover variant, which combines flexibility with the classic aesthetic of hardcover books uses Cave paper for its cover and parchment for the spine. The 2-section pamphlet sewing attaches the sections with a pocket inside the cover.

Another innovative approach within book arts is the 3-section exposed sewing method, which not only secures pages with precision but also turns the stitching into a decorative element, highlighting the craftsmanship involved. This technique lends a unique character to each piece, inviting readers and collectors to appreciate the structural beauty of the book as an object.  As these innovative practices continue to evolve, they enrich the world of book arts, blending tradition with creativity to produce works that are not just to be handled, but admired and treasured.

Tai Chi Private Instruction

Amanda is not teaching tai chi this summer but every Friday afternoon she organized and attends a free gathering near the river at Boom Island Park starting at 4:30. Depending on who shows up we will play short form, long form, and qi gong.

Boom Island Park
Friday afternoons 4:30-6:00 April 19-Aug 25 2024

The Steps going down to the River, Boom Island, Minneapolis
724 Sibley St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
(there are covered spaces if it’s raining)

Tai Chi Classes will start again in the fall at:
Northeast Middle School
2955 Hayes St NE
Minneapolis MN 55418